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The Broad Experience

So I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about the new museum called The Broad & from all the pictures I’ve seen I knew I had to check it out myself. The artwork is absolutely amazing & definitely different than what you would think of as art. Me & my best friend decided to take a trip to downtown Los Angeles & check it out ourselves. When we first arrived there was a bit of a wait since we didn’t reserve spot sooner but the wait was only 10 minutes for us. We decided to start from the second floor & move down. We took the escalators up this this tunnel that darkens as you go up & when you look from the bottom its just bright white light. dsc03356dsc03365So right when we walked in there was a huge bright red painting where you can kind of see a woman in it with a Chanel necklace around her neck. Gotta lover her for that! This was just such a bright beautiful piece  we had to take a picture in front of it. She would have appreciated the selfie 🙂dsc03311Now this was an art instillation where both the top & bottom AMERICA signs twinkle on & off. I just thought it was so awesome I’m in love with art instillations!dsc03331dsc03314There was a huge section of the upper floor dedicated to skull artwork & I love skulls. The walls were so beautiful, colorful, & absolute HUGE! The details in them are extraordinary.
dsc03351dsc03353 There were these balloon structures that were big, bright, & just SO cute!!! They looked so much like a life like balloons with so much air in them they might just pop!rsz_dsc03394 dsc03406Just how cute is this balloon doggy! I wanted to touch it so bad because it looked so life like. Even the part where you tie the knot on the balloon so the air doesn’t go out looked real.dsc03299So these are wrappers that come from what you peel off around your wine bottles & the artist took them, hooked them together so they’re flexible and moving in different shapes. You can go up to this piece & just shake it & make up a new shape (obviously not allowed to touch the artwork lol but you get my drift).dsc03407dsc03298dsc03368This table set was super cute!! Im 5’7 so just imagine how big this table & chairs were! I can’t even fathom how they built it. I definitely felt like Alice & Wonderland who just took a shrinking potion!!rsz_dsc03308dsc03306_1Even the hallways were beautiful…from the second floor we took this down to the first level instead of the elevator because it was just so great for pictures!dsc03374& lastly there is the Infinity Room! The wait for this room is absolutely ridiculous & long…like 4 hours long at a time but the wait is DEFINITELY worth the wait. It has infinite mirrors & little almost christmas like lights that are just so beautiful. You get to have a full minute in the room by yourself, which is why the wait is so long. You don’t have to share the room you can be in the by yourself. If there is anything in this museum you should check out…its this room.kusamaHere are some cool other things we saw at our adventure there….dsc03338_1This one was super cool.rsz_img_9625dsc03404dsc03395

If your in the Los Angeles area I would highly recommend checking out The Broad. Its definitely worth your while. If you want to know the outfits me & my bff Natasha were rocking check out the items at the bottom of the blog!!

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