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Tan & Glowing Throughout The Year

Fall season is upon us but my summer glow will continue to thrive with these easy steps. In order to keep my tan fresh and glowing throughout the seasons, I use the products listed to prep, hydrate, and maintain a healthy looking tan all year round. A really big game changer is exfoliating and scrubbing off any dry skin before applying my tanning products while also keeping my skin moisturized to prolong my tan!

Another important step in maintaining a long term glow is using quality products! St. Tropez has always been my go-to for tanning products. The Ashley Graham x St. Tropez Ultimate Glow Kit and Purity Vitamins Bronzing Face Serum are products that don’t leave behind any orange tints or messy streaks. The Ashley Graham x St. Tropez Ultimate Glow Kit is my number one body tanning kit because of how amazing it is in quality and smell. The mousse texture makes applying flawless. The product just glides onto your skin and blends in evenly with no effort. Don’t get me started on the scent…IT SMELLS SO GOOD! Wow, I’ve never used a tanning product that smells like a tropical vacation. The fading of the tan is just as flawless because it doesn’t come off in patches, like other products I’ve used in the past, making the re-application so much easier! The Purity Vitamins Bronzing Face Serum glides on flawlessly. I apply this serum under my moisturizer a few times a week to maintain that healthy glow! I like to get to the point where makeup isn’t always a necessity because the Bronzing Face Serum gives me a long lasting tan that feels fresh like I’ve just come back from a  tropical vacation.

A favorite skin hydrator of mine to pair with the Ashley Graham x St. Tropez Ultimate Glow Kit and Purity Vitamins Bronzing Face Serum, that is also affordable, is the Aquaphor healing ointment. It’s also great to use on knees and elbows before applying the Ashley Graham x St. Tropez Ultimate Glow Kit to your body because it helps create boundaries for the mousse and stops it from over developing in areas that tend to darken quickly (areas that fold). 

Another favorite body lotion of mine is the Nivea Essentially Enriched lotion. Once the tanner has been applied, set, and rinsed off, I like to keep my skin moisturized to extend the life of my tan. I’ve noticed that moisturized skin holds a tan longer than dry skin!

Linked above are a few of the products mentioned and extra favorites! 

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