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Portland, here we come!

It’s been two weeks since I got back from my trip to Portland and I’ve finally had a chance to post this!

I’ve set a goal to travel more this year and actually spend some time exploring the rest of the US that I have yet to see. I mean, I’ve seen the major cities, New York, Chicago, Miami, but I want to see all of the US. My first trip being Portland! I’ve heard that Portland has beautiful waterfalls and an amazing food scene. Unfortunately, it was so cold and some rain that we didn’t have a chance to hike. Definitly going back again to see its stunning waterfalls. The air was so fresh and crisp from the rain, trees so green surrounding the streets, and the friendly people that live there. Everyone, and I mean everyone, Uber/Lyft drivers, sushi chefs, front desk concierge were SO friendly. At first I just thought I had hit a few chatty people but I started to notice that everyone is super nice here. Anytime I had a question or needed a suggestion on where to eat, people were more than willing to give me the 411 about everything! It really made my trip so much easier because of how much information I got. I thought I was prepared, boy was I wrong. There’s so much more to Portland than what you read online.

Anyway, I won’t ramble…you can see it for yourself if you ever choose to visit.

Me and my friend Melissa stayed at The Society Hotel in Chinatown. Society Hotel is a boutique hotel that started off as a safe heaven for Marines back in 1881, slowly moving into a hospital in 1889, and moving into a temporary wartime housing use of hotel in 1943. They have such a big background history up until they were renovated into the Society Hotel in 2013! I’ve heard a lot of buzz on this new and upcoming hotel and it’s amazing rooftop view.

Our room was the King Suite, which was so charming with its exposed brick walls and high ceilings.

The hotel has a beautiful 360 open rooftop, open to all guests, where we would take up our breakfast from the downstairs Cafe, which is open from 7am-11pm. The cafe downstairs is connected to the lobby so it’s just one big open space with window nooks and brown leather couches.

Our first day there, we kept it low-key and decided to wander around 23rd Street which is filled with boutique shops with little nicknacks. Salt & Straw ice cream is also on this street and it has original Portland only flavors! Definitly stop by and try the exclusive flavors!!

Heres a list of my favorite places we ate:

  1. Jakes Famous Crawfish: We stopped by here for a quick lunch and were super impressed with the seafood. We order the clam chowder obvi and Oysters!!! The interior still has that old school parlor vibe that just gives you comfort and adds personality.
  2. Red Robe Tea House & Cafe: This small little cafe is a delight. It was across the street from our hotel ad the first place we ate in Portland. The Chinese food was amazing! They have a home made tea making menu where you pick your flavor and they personally come to your table and make the the tea for your in this little set. We also ordered the veggie dumping soup, which was delicious. Also, their mushrooms are SO good if your a mushroom fan. Definitely order a dish with the sautéed mushroom in them.
  3. Bamboo Sushi: Theres a couple of these around the city and we decided to see what the hype was all about. Lets just say, the fish taste like they have a backyard ocean that they just fish the sushi for you, made to order. Its amazing! The drinks are fun too. I ordered the Setting Sun drink and it was amazing! One of the best drinks I’ve ever had. The light honey syrup is delicious and prickly pear was such a refreshing touch. I ordered two…
  4. Blue Star Donut: I know I know, with Voodoo donuts on every corner like a Starbucks, how do you end up at “Blue Star Donuts”, welllll its delicious! The sugary goodness was worth every calorie. Because Voodoo is so common now, I wanted to try the next big thing to come to all the donut lovers!
  5. POK POK: Guys, this place is GOLDEN. Literally one of the best Thai resturaunts I’ve been to. When you first walk up, the set up has you confused. The resturaunt is split into different rooms. You can tell it might’ve started off smaller and eventually grew from popularity. When I first walked in you actually get the feeling you’re in Thailand. Everyone is tightly sitting next to each other and with a small room, you couldn’t really beat yourself over everyone’s chatter. BUT the food speaks for itself. The Fried Fish Sauce Wings were all I could think about for days. It was absolutely amazing. Everything from the Papaya Salad to the Thai Ice Tea was phenomenal. At first I was skeptical, but I’m so happy I didn’t leave Portland before trying Pok Pok. I HIGHLY suggest you make sure to stop by here during your trip. Oh and get the Fried Wings lol, you won’t regret it.

Something else I really appreciate about this city were the buildings. All old school, vintage, structures with underground parlors. I’m such a fan of old school architecture and you don’t usually find much of that on the west coast.

Another pit stop we made was at the Powell’s Bookstore, which literally stumps Barnes & Nobles. This bookstore at first gives off a small town vibe, from a far you only see one floor, but once you walk in and right into the 6 floors, multi-winged hallways, you can’t help but want to explore every level for hours! It’s so cozy and friendly inside with its worn bookshelves and bright window lighting! I’m a huge book lover and I’d want to move to Portland just for this bookstore!! Haha truly was in heaven.

Overall, I loved Portland. It felt so good to walk around the fresh city and take a break from the hustle and bustle of LA. I’m so happy the weather wasn’t too rainy while we were there and we got to walk around and explore on foot! Until next time!

Outfit Details:

Oversized Sweater : HM

Hat: Zara

Sneakers: Converse

Bag: Gucci

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