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New York City Travel Guide

The city that never sleeps! I love New York city. It is one of my absolute favorite cities & always such a good vibe. Something about the city helps motivate me in a way that L.A. could never. I try to go at least twice a year but don’t always make it. The constant hustle & bustle, jumping on to the next to grind, is electrifying! I always need a dose of the city as often as I can to “cleanse” myself of whatever is going on in L.A. lolll.

This time I went to New York to visit my brother & celebrate his graduating from Columbia University! Woohoo! Super proud of him & his accomplishments. I flew in a few days before to have a chance to enjoy the city & hang out with some friends that I haven’t had a chance to see in a while.

Flat Iron District

The first few days, I did all the stops! Brooklyn Bridge, Dumbo, Soho, The Met, you name it loll. I always like to refresh my palette with some touristy crap to really get in the NYC experience. My poor friend Nicole who gladly joined my journey! One big applaud for her & her patience haha.

During my trip I stayed at the Intercontinental Barclay Hotel & let me tell you guys. This hotel is absolutely STUNNING. First off, I’ve never experience such kind & friendly staff members. Every staff member had a huge smile on their face, friendly, & had all the information about traveling around the city, the best food spots, how to get around the neighborhood, & the best breakfast bar with allll delicious foods. They even helped me get the cheapest transportation back to JFK, once I checked out, which was amazing!!

They surprised me with the a beautiful dessert tray in my room when I first checked in & an assortment of fruit! It was such a lovely & fresh surprise after an afternoon of traveling & getting to my room.

Their location is prime, right next to Grand Central, Empire State Building, & Time Square. In the mornings I would head down to the Barclay Club & enjoy an amazing assortments of breakfast options! Fruit, pancakes, fresh juice, eggs, & anything else you can possibly think of for your morning meal! I highly recommend staying at the Intercontinental Barclay New York the next time you’re in New York.

Now…some fun things to do in NYC while visiting!

Here are my go to’s for a fun time & IG inspo worthy spots:

The Met – is my ultime favorite place in New York. I go there every single time I’m visiting (excessive I know but my love for this museum is just that) & this time I got to see the amazing CAMP exhibit, which was the theme for this years Met Gala!! Inside there are art pieces, artifacts, old historic furniture, & so much more. My first time I spent about 5 hours walking around trying to see as much as I could & it still didn’t cover it all.

Bryant Park – is a lush open grass park behind the NYC Public Library right in mid city! People go there to just relax, brunch, & even lay out on the grass to enjoy some sunshine. It’s a beauty resting stop in the city & also right next to the original NYC Library, which is another historic spot I love to visit while there! The inside has been maintained perfectly that is shines just as bright as the day it opened. I loved walking through it & just picturing students, 50 years ago, cramming for their finals or families taking their kids to pick out a new book to read!

Dominique Ansel Bakery – is a major hot spot with the most delicious baked goods & desserts. They were the first to create the famous chocolate chip cookie shots with milk & it is simply delicious. Not to say the other desserts aren’t just as fantastic & the cookie shots. This is my one sugar cheat spot in the city where I overdose on everything in the bakery.

Flat Iron District – is filled with tourists but actually one of my favorite parts of the city. It’s super photogenic & filled with amazing New York hustle & bustle energy. You’re also surrounded by all the food shops & the very best, Eataly. Also a great spot to hit if you want a perfect NYC backdrop! See below:

Brooklyn Bridge – because DUH. An amazing attraction that everyone needs to visit once in their NYC journey. It’s also a beautiful backdrop for an Instagram inspired photo! I do suggesting walking across is just because you get to see both Brooklyn, Manhattan, & the beautiful Hudson River. It’s not a very long walk but does put on your comfy shoes to avoid blisters. This hot spot is usually filled with tourists by noon but empties in the early morning for those who want to shoot some shots here without all the people!

DUMBO – Is right next to the Brooklyn bridge & a cute trendy nook where it’s really happening in Brooklyn. There’s a specific street that gives you that popular Brooklyn bridge shot that all the bloggers are shooting & it has a cute shopping center surrounding it for all the fashionistas across the river! We stopped at this amazing ice cream shop, walked the water park, & made our way up the bridge to head over the Manhattan!

A city is a beautiful place that keeps me both inspires & motivated. Anytime I feel like I need a cleanse from L.A. I head over to my east coast home! I hope you enjoy your next trip there & share with me some of your favorite NYC spots!


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