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How to elevate your bedroom for under $50

My bedroom is one of my favorite places in my house! It’s where I go when I need peace and calmness if I’m stressed or overworked. Because of that, I made a conscious effort to keep my bedroom space minimal but cozy and warm!

Here are a few items I’ve purchased under $50 to really bring together the bedroom space! You don’t have to spend a ton of money to elevate your space.

  • Linen Bedskirt: This simple piece really elevated my bedroom to a catalogue bedroom with very little effort. It was just $30 and it helped with also covering any storage items I have under my bed frame!
  • Color Block Basket: I purchased this piece to help with holding extra throws and pillows when I’m sleeping so anything decorated on my bed doesn’t go on the floor. I love the color blocking, so simple but adds amazing character to the space!
  • Fuzzy Throw Blanket: I love throws! I love layering sheets, duvets, and throws to create an almost hotel like space on the bed. Doesn’t have to be this specific one but the option of color for this price point is always a plus!
  • Round Accent Table: A cute accents table to decorate with a candle or humidifier is one of my favorite pieces. Not to confuse this with a bedside table, this accent table can be placed next to a mirror or beside a bedroom chair gives the room a bit of a vacation feel.
  • Wall Mirror: A beautiful mirror really opens up the energy in the space and can even create more “space” in the room. I have this bronze arched mirror hung off the wall, I prefer wall mirrors to floor mirrors for the elevated look.


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