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Giving Back

Happy holidays everyone!

Its a day before christmas and everyone is feeling festive, jolly, and ready to open their presents. As exciting as that is, I always feel sad for those who don’t have enough food or just the basic necessities during this time.

A few years back, an old and still dear friend of mine had me and a few of our friends over for a Giving Back party. We each were assigned to bring something, toothbrush/toothpaste, deodorant, cookies, crackers, wipes, tissue, soap, etc. We spent an hour or two putting together these kits. Each bag had one of each item we all brought and when we were all done, we split the bags between all of us and gave them out to the homeless on the street or anyone else we saw in need. I felt so good doing this that every year after I get together a small goodie bag and pass them around during Christmas and New Year.

You don’t have to spend a ton of money to do this, you can easily go to the 99 Cents store and spent about $10 worth of things and make your own goodies bags. This year I put in individual wrapped tissues, cookies, granola bar, crackers, bandages, a juice box, and a bag of mini chips.

It’s a nice way to give back to those in need and it take up much of your time or wallet.

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