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December Must-Haves!

Happy December guys! Can you believe the end of the year is already here?! I’m shook about it.

So I’m starting a new monthly series, featuring my favorite items of each month! Here are my favorite for December..

Let’s go in order!

  1. Urban Outfitter Beanie: This cozy thing is both warm and aesthetic for the season. I can rock it with pretty much everything in my closet. It’s both stretchy and soft enough for all day wear.
  2. Killa Pimple Patch: Ok…the tea tree oil and witch hazel wipes in this box already had me sold BEFORE I even tried to pimple patch. You can feel it stinging your breakouts as soon as you clean your face, and I have seen results within the hour of putting on the pimple patch. This set is a MUST-HAVE in every persons bathroom. Life changing.
  3. Shein Dr. Marten Knock-off Booties: These babies are 1/4 of the cost of a pair of Docs and look identical to them. They’re so comfortable and will have you slaying in the outfit department. The material is amazing and sturdy for the price and I’ve been wearing them non-stop.
  4. Indeed Hydraluron Moisture Lotion: This stuff is so smooth and really keeps my dry skin plump in the winter time. It’s so affordable at only $24. I saw results overnight. I first tried it on right before bed and woke up with skin looking younger than it has in years…The ingredients are grade A and something you can find in higher price point skincare products!
  5. Green Tea Eye Patches: These babies are a real eye opener! See what I did there* loll. They will wake your eyes up instantly. Whenever I have a long day and need a quick fix from lack of sleep, I pop one of these eye patches on before I start my day!
  6. Slouchy Bag: A total knock off of the slouchy Designer Bottega bag and it’s amazing! I love the original but couldn’t justify the retail cost of it and this is the perfect replacement. It comes with a crossbody strap and the perfect shade for the holiday season + only $14.
  7. Gold Hoops: a perfect pair of gold hoops that are affordable and 18k gold filled. You always want to make sure you gold pieces are filled if not full gold. Gold filled will last the longest and won’t tarnish! I add a pair of gold hoops to add a touch of sparkle to each of my holiday looks!
  8. Urban Outfitter Plaid Pants: These stretchy plaid pants are perfect for the season and current style going around. They’re comfortable and go perfect with either just an oversized denim jacket or slouchy sweater! I think the tone and printing is just perfect and this is a pant that can easily go into the summer season.
  9. UO Blanket Scarf: Okay…do I really need to explain this one? It’s freezing and this pretty much serves as an outdoor blanket. I want it, I got it. Anddd I’m warm!
  10. CCC Cream: Last but never least…This stuff is my new favorite day foundation cream. It has SPF 50 and it makes you look like you don’t have any make up on. I use the shade Medium. It goes on while and when you rub it in, it shows color and slowly matches to your own skin tone! It feels great on and easily layer-able!

So that’s the round up! My top 10 favorites for December! They’re fun, they’re cute, and they’re must-haves. I can’t wait to see what my favorites will be for January.



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